7 Dollar Tree Hacks

I had never given it much thought, but apparently, you can do some great shopping at the Dollar Tree.  

So here are 7 surprising things you did not know about shopping at the Dollar Tree, or at least I did not know.

-  We all know about Oxi-Clean, but apparently, this Dollar Tree bargain is not just getting an A for Awesome but also and A from the Environmental Working Group.

L.A Totally Awesome cleans over 42 different surfaces, including items like air conditioner, rust, stains, chrome to driveways, and more.

-  Ribeye Steak? Yes Please!!

Can you believe it, from time to time you can get a frozen, boneless beet steaks for $1? Say What!?

It is from the Brand Stampede, which is available in other Grocery stores across the nation, just don't expect it to be huge, but hey its still a bargain.

-  Want a bigger variety, shop online and get free shipping to in-store pickup.

If you never been to the website, you need too. There is so much more to the store than you ever thought off.

So head on over and go through the menu, you be amazed.

-  Even though Dollar Tree has reduced it's products sizes over the years on a lot of products from 14oz, to 11oz to now as low as 6oz there is still a lot of bargains out there.

Head over to the Dollar Tree website, and visit areas like household goods, food, cosmetics, there you will find extra goodies attached and it still just $1.

-  Spring is here and that means what ladies? That's right, we have to shave every day and god do we know that those blades and razors can get expensive.

But what do you know, the Personna Twin Blade Plus Disposable Razor almost as good as the Gillette Good News Disposable!

-  Trying for a little one, Ovulation Predictor usually run about $7 a Stick and you have to use them for about 7 days in a row, that's a lot of money. The Ovulation-Predict from the Dollar Tree has some great reviews and at $1 a piece it's defiantly worth trying,

-  Trying to make some extra money, make sure you check out the closeout and liquidation page. Buy cheap and sell online. That is it.

Hope you enjoyed the tips.

Manuela Hatler

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